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My journey

The journey to my artistic practice started with a love of taking photographs. Now, whilst I still use photographs as the basis for much of my work, I am exploring printmaking as a way of having more creative input into my images.
I have always been interested in contemporary art and served on the Board of Castlefield Gallery for 14 years (including 7 years as Chair). I studied Mathematics at Cambridge University, and am employed in the finance sector.

About me
The event that led to my artistic epiphany was a holiday, a week long safari to Tanzania. It had been an ambition of mine for a long time to visit Africa and see the animals, and once the holiday was booked I was inspired to buy a better camera and learn how to use it.

The trip was so memorable that when I returned I decided to write a photographic diary, which turned into a personal research project into what I had seen, and a book. That book was created on one of the online photo book sites, but I became interested in hand-making books.

I discovered that Hot Bed Press ran courses and decided to start with the introduction to printing course. I became hooked, and went on to create a book of linocuts of African Animals - you can see the images here. It is a theme to which I will probably return, but for now I am focusing on depicting my local environment.