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About buying a print

'Original' prints

All my prints are 'original', in that even if they are part of an edition there are each individually hand made - for example, ink needs to be pulled through screens to create each screen print, and lino and etching plates need to be inked and put through a press to make each print. Some artists work in different media such as drawing or oil painting and then digitally reproduce their images in an edition, often described as a giclee print. With print making, by contrast, the print itself is the original artwork.

What you buy

If you buy one of my artworks you will acquire a beautiful physical object. I will, however, retain the copyright and, for example, you do not have the right to reproduce my work.

Image sizes

I have given the paper size and the image size in the format of length × height. The stated image size is the dimension of the printed image, although in some prints the space above the printed image forms part of the picture - the sky in the winter tree prints, for example.

Edition numbers

In the bottom left hand side of a print you may see numbers such as 9/10. What this means is that you are looking at print number 9 out of an edition of 10 prints. The print number is just a way of making the print unique within the edition. Print 1/10, for example, is not necessarily the first print printed, or the 'best' print, it was just the first one to be numbered.

Types of edition

If you look at the edition numbers at the bottom left hand side of the print and there are no letters, that means that all the prints in the edition are as near identical as I can make them. If the numbers are preceded by V/E that means it is a variable edition. Each print in a variable edition will be similar to the others but with variations, some of which are introduced on purpose and some are a natural consequence of the variability of the processes used.

Artist's Proofs

Sometimes I will make some artists extra copies of a print as artist's proofs, which are denoted by A/P in the bottom left hand corner. If the number of artist's proofs is more than 10% of the edition (rounded up), that fact will be stated.